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I had a crush on you when we first met


I had a crush on him when i met him on our first date. Though he is not good at his looks, he has got a charming attitude that would flatter any girl!! Thats what has happened to me on my first date with him though my mind insisted we are not a good fit to each other. 2 years after seeing each other he dumped me saying his priorities has changed though i was willing to compromise everything for him.

When people say, first impression never goes wrong! No one realizes it unless experienced.

– #confession


I have a huge crush on my co-worker and i know all his schedule so i make sure i run into him when i know where he will be at a certain time. I feel like a stalker!!
– #confessions


I think i am falling in love with a girl i am working with. I am a girl too. Strange new feelings!! – #confessions


I have a crush on my co worker. I know i am too old for her and i know it. I wish i dont get these feelings. We flirt way too much sometimes. – #confessions

I have a crush on my neighbor. He stays at home all the time looking after his kids and cooking for his wife. I stay at home too and i envy his wife way too much. I wish i were in her shoes. -#confessions.


I am crushing too hard on this guy at my school but he doesnt give a chance. He keeps saying we are totally incompatible and destined to break up. Advises please.. – #confessions

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