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Are you informed about your partner having affair? Read this

When you get a call from your partner,

be it a man or woman ;

be it a girl or a boy

these are the points one should remember

  1. They are not informing you because they need your permission.

  2. Understand, they are informing you now, because they feel either sorry for you or they wanted to make the so called affair, now into a respected Relationship.

  3. If they informed you through a Message – then consider, it is just an information

  4. If they inform you in person – consider, they valued your relationship but now outgrown of it. They would like to free you from the same and free themselves as well.

  5. If you got to know from a 3rd person – consider, they are only cheating on you and you still got chances to rewind the lost love & spark between you both – if you still need it

Other than above, if you have experienced or experiencing a different reason categories please let us know. This would be helpful for future break ups  😉

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