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Sad Love letter

Dear ****,

I am sorry for being rude to you all these days. Your love for me is the most precious gift I have ever got in all my life. You have never let me down on any of my wishes. You have always put me in my best comfort zone that I never experienced before. You stood there strong for me though I insulted you many times in front of all our friends. 5458e0f241fd40c1b7f12ccb54f8742e

I have flirted with few guys right in front of your eyes to break your heart. I know how much it would have hurt you. Trust me, it had hurt me more badly. I could do this no longer. With  all the courage I have, I am putting everything on this paper.

You were there always when I needed you the most even before I have asked for. I wish I could have spent more and more time with you. I regret I have wasted lots of time in not taking to you and going on wanted vacation just to punish you for something that is as silly as dropping a girl friend of yours home late night. You are the best gift any girl can ever get in her life.

I realised the value of time and your love only when the timer started in my life. I wanted to Marry you, have kids with you and stay with you forever. But, destiny chose me for something else.

I am in final stages of cancer and I have only few days/months left. This is the only reason which I never wanted to disclose it to you as it would hurt you terribly. But insulting you each day and provoking you to move away from me seemed more hurting to me. I feel like hugging you before I leave. Please please do not break down on seeing this. Life always have surprises for us in store. I am positive you would get a better person than me in your life who can live with all the promises she makes. Trust me Berry, wherever I am it would hurt me harder if you are sad.

This is one last wish from me, please stay happy forever. Love you.




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