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Fun things to do with your boyfriend

Fun things to do with your boyfriend



Things to Do With Your partner at home :


  • Play Video Games
    – Guys love games. Give it a try, he will find you more and more interesting. If you can do with him all the stuff he does with his guys gang, will he miss them anymore 😉
  • Movie Night
    – Plan for a movie of his type. Generally guys love action and thriller stuff. Though its not something you like, give it a try so that he would love hanging with you.
  • Prepare Dinner Together
    – Why order some junk from outside while you both can spend lovely time cooking and having fun with each other! Though there would be lots of mess to clean up later, wouldn’t it be fun to make it a habit to cook for each other.
  • Talk openly about your feelings
    – Guys don’t use much of their brains on your mood swings. Just tell them straight if you are upset and do not mountain it in yourself and burst out at a later point of time.This would make things easier between the two of you.
  • Share dreams with each other
    – Dreams is the resultant of your deepest feelings buried somewhere underneath. It would be fun and easy if you can pour it out to each other.
  • Cuddle (who doesn’t love cuddling?!)
    – This is the best thing you can do to bring positive energy into each other. A simple hug solves lots of problems unspoken.
  • Go swimming
    – Swimming or Gym or any work out together will help you to spend quality time together.
    Why not try water games with your guy when you have time. Plan for it.
  • Have phone conversations for hours
    – This way, you can keep him tied to you and not leave him any time to woo another girl. The more you let him share, the more rapport you develop with him. Read again, you have to make him share his stuff with you. Dont be a chatter box, pay attention and listen to what he says. If you  listen more rather than talking, you will make your boy friend connected to you without his knowledge.
  • Send flowers
    – Though he doesnt do anything with the flowers, it would bring in some good luck and positive energy into his room. Try this option for a change.
  • Eat dinner by candlelight
    – Many say this is the most romantic thing any one can opt for on any occasion. So why wait for the occasion? Have more candle light dinners and rock your romantic life.
  • Give massages
    – Learn to massage neck & shoulder muscles and feet. This is the best relaxation technique you can use on him. He would not only love but would remind you whenever he is tired.
  • Enjoy each other’s company
    – Remember why you are together in the first place. If you stop having that  magic between you, you would find someone else. So continue to do the things, you both loved to do.
  • Tell your partner “I love you”
    – Use this magical word as frequently as you can. When you say “I Love you”, it reminds him that “He Loves you” as well.
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Things to Do with Your partner Outside:

  • Visit Theme Parks and Amusement Parks
  • Plan Picnics
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Randomly give them a gift
  • Talk openly about your feelings
  • Share dreams with each other
  • Road trip!
  • Have phone conversations for hours
  • Send flowers
  • Eat dinner by candlelight
  • Go to the beach
  • Enjoy each other’s company
  • Tell your partner “I love you” with sweet kiss and cuddle.


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