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Horror Love stories in just two lines

  • I see my ex girl friend visiting me everyday in my car rear view mirror just to tell me how much she misses me every day.



  • Twenty years ago my boy friend was shot in a street fight saving my life. But till date I see him everyday growing older while I remained the same.



  • I had a fight with my girl friend and I avoided picking up her calls for one week. When I called back on the number after ten days, her mom picked up the call and informed she had committed suicide couple of days ago and she is no more. But my phone keeps getting her voice messages till date.

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  • I keep hearing my girl friend laughing late in the middle of the nights. No matter how many times I visited her grave and asked her to Stop, she wouldn’t.


  • Whenever I see a mirror and a mist forming on it , i write my name and my girl friend names on it with love.  But my girl friend never appreciated andand always  she runs away screaming for help!

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