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How to be happy and let people like your presence

How to be happy and make people like your company


Can you find someone who is living happily with NO tensions or worries? That’s impossible.
Every one will have a problem. None are exceptional. Some show carry their problems on their face and some don’t while some forget their problems and try to live happily which brings good for every body.

I agree, forgetting your problems and living happily is not as easy as one says. But if one can do that, they would slowly get the flexibility to adjust to any kind of situations life brings them in.

These kind of people not only lives happily  but also brings light into surrounding people’s life. No body knows it before hand how to adjust to the situations until they learn it from other’s experiences.  If you start taking everything that happens in life on a positive note and try to find out the good you can see it , you are certainly blessed. Try to be funny with your loved ones, have fun all the times and do not give scope or time for your brain to think of the sad things that keep happening in life. Fun lies if you start finding the humorous thing in every thing around you. Being genuinely humorous and encouraging people to share their happiness together  can make you popular and successful.

  • A fun loving person is the one who is genuinely happy at heart, and uses situations around themselves to create something funny out of thin air.
  • They were born just like anyone else, but they learnt to be funny along the way.

Here are simple steps you need to start being funny and loved:

  • Think positive: The art of being funny and humorous  start with Positivism and develops the ability to always look towards the brighter side of everything.
  • Facial expressions: In every situation facial expressions plays big part.
  • Have a cheerful laugh: Most people like being around with funny people. Such type of peoples have the smile on their face in any situations.
  • The nice kind of company you keep: Spend lot of time with your friends and meet  new friends and spend some time being funny with them. This type of company changes your outlook towards the life.
  • Don’t laugh at your own joke: Never laugh at your own joke. It will make boring to the audience.
  • Confidence: It is very important to remember every one. What ever you are doing that must be done with the confidence.The result should be perfect.
  • Comedy shows: Sometimes inspiration help you to get you funnier faster. Watching some comedy shows that will definitely make you funnier and happier person.
  • Think funny
  • Read a lot of jokes
  • Be who you are

Some kinds of humor to avoid:

  • Don’t think too much about the jokes
  • Don’t imitate anyone.
  • Avoid Mimicry.



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