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How to Lead a Man Through the Stages of Love

Do you know that making a man fall in love happens in stages? Do you know the common mistakes that people make in various phases of romance? Would you like to know what stage you are in and how to move forward to the next level without all the stress? Making a man fall in love is not as impossible as you may think.


Stage 1: Romance


Don’t let men fool you into thinking they aren’t into romance. It’s just not true. Men enjoy and anticipate that initial excitement of getting to know someone new just as much as women do. It’s important to know that the romantic phase of a relationship is when you are both putting your best foot forward. During this phase, you tend to see people the way you want them to be more than how they actually are. When you don’t know someone well, you fill in the blanks with your ideal fantasy of that person. This is a great stage because both people are having fun and only see the best in one another. It’s hard to make mistakes in this stage because you are quite forgiving of each other.


Stage 2: Reality


When you are successful in navigating your way safely through romance, you begin to bond emotionally. This is when you begin to see each other in a more realistic light. You start to explore each other’s strengths and weaknesses to determine if you are a good long term match. You may find that you start to notice little ways that your lover annoys you. Or there may be things you wish he wouldn’t do or say, but you still see enough good to overcome the negative. Many women make the mistake of pushing too hard for a commitment during this stage. Avoid the tendency to do this. At this stage of the relationship, a man still sees a way out if needed. He hasn’t made a commitment, and pressuring him could be just the thing to get him to bail rather than make him fall in love.


Stage 3: Reservation


Reservation most accurately describes a man’s feelings during this stage. This is when he is weighing the cost of making a commitment. He is evaluating you like never before to see if his life will be better off with you or without you. He may tend to withdraw during this stage while he sorts out all of his feelings. It’s important to give him space at this point. This is the time for you to prove that you are confident, not only in yourself, but also in the bond you have created thus far. This is a good time to be encouraging and supportive without being clingy. Find ways to inspire and motivate him to be the best he can be. If you are sincere in your efforts, he will be drawn in by your ability to make him feel amazing. Focus on having fun during this time as well. Help him relieve the stress of figuring things out. Let him have some time alone, but also plan a few exciting and fun experiences together.


Stage 4: Reward


This is when you have both decided that you are meant for each other. You are committed to life together during both the good times and the bad times. He will be amazed that he has found such a wonderful woman who understands him so well. He will now feel most capable of freely sharing all of himself with you and loving you the way you desire to be loved. Making him fall in love is done one step at a time, one moment at a time.


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