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Love letters for him

Love letters for him:
Title: To your heart….


If I wont find it in your heart I wont look for happiness in any other place. To love means to give and all I want in this world is to give you the happiness you deserve, because as the sun brings warmth and light, you brought the love and happiness into my life and you have made my world a paradise which I want now to reveal it to you!

For all the people the morning means sunrise, but for me it means to rising star, your shining eyes which open under my amazed look.

I dream of them in every night and waiting them in the morning to warm me with their light and to make me happy all day!

On your heart it’s a divine music which fills with dreams the soul of a woman and in her childish happiness would always want to stay in your arms nest.

That’s why, sweetheart, please don’t forget to squeeze me in your arms, my dreams are made for you, you wont feel sorry if you fulfill them.


Love letters for him:
Title: My love….

If you I will say “ I love you” will you believe me? I hope not, because love its not meant to be spoken but to be proven.

And if I will whisper you thousands of words will you listen me? I hope so, because in them you will find a thousands reasons to love me more.

And if I remain silent without reason will you rebuke me? I hope your heart will know how to fill such a silence.

Love makes us to see a person perfect and it seems that since I met you my love for you has not dropped  any moment. Even more it seems your love has made for me a perfect world. Its like you took the place of the sun and your light discovers only the beauty, harmony and kindness from this earth. Im still surprised how much harmony and happiness can be in the heart and love of a man!


Love letters for him:
Title: Always together….

My hand it’s the hand of a friend, when its difficult for you remember it, it is here so you can hang it when you fall, to caress you when your hurt, to defend you when you are down.

My eyes are the light of a star, when you get lost you can look at them, they are the only one which doesn’t lie you and always show you the right way.

My words are the stars from the sky, made to stay there forever, some of them nicely fall, but all are to delight your soul.

My life…its actually your life, two people in two bodies with two minds and two hearts which beat separate, but beats in the same time and doesn’t matter what separate them. They always call each other…that’s why we will always holding hands, we will look into each other eyes, we will say so many things, we will always be together, because this makes our life beautiful.


Love letters for him:
Title:You make me so happy….


Your eyes bring happiness where they let light raise to reach, your palm bring relax and delight to any touched place, your lips give passion and energy, your hugging  protects and calms, your voice enchants and inspires. If you could give me anything on this earth, still for your heart I will ask because there is nothing which cant make me happier, richer and more fulfilled then your love. I buy at least one week of happiness with a kiss from you.

Love of my life, words born stars in my heart which are exploding in supernovas at every smile of yours. When im sad your face rises in my heart and chase away any shadow of a cloud, when im tired your hands bring the delight of the most tender caresses. I would face the storms because I know what sweet lair I have in the arms of my love as a shelther, where there no harm can reach, where only angels dare to look.

……, my guardian angel, someone up there loves me greatly if it sent me so much love on earth. I thank every day and I promise that I will make you so happy, my love!


Love letters for him:
Title:A life time together…..

A man and a woman can do many things together but the most important and beautiful among all is to share one life. With good and bad things, with all the world getting  in our way, the fate of a human is fragile as a flower thread but we can always succeed because together we are like flower thread with two buds at the end, when the rain and wind it bends one down ready to break it, the other is there to support and draw it back into balance.

The day when we will discover this is far, so it should be, because im going to do with you a long and wonderful journey until there, until we will see our sun of life going down and we will say to each other “ its time to follow it” and the world will shout behind us “goodbye our beautiful flowers”

While we will flourish again on the other side.


Love letters for him:
Title:  Lovely as an angel…..

We once lived in a gray world, with cold people, and I had to discover you to
to understand that people can be as beautiful as angels and it stay in their power to
transform the world into a paradise.

I kiss you and walk in your eyes through a new world, a world where love is everything and you are the one who gives me love. I listen to you and my soul heals, I touch you and the body invigorates, I’m talking with you and my mind get’s disturb with love … the gray substance becomes translucent, it fills me with a childlike innocence and purity I did not knew it exist, everything is sublime, cheerful,
magic, charming, enchanting … Indeed, you are as beautiful as an angel.

When I felt in love with you I understood how the universe formed: God felt in love and his heart exploded in billions and billions of stars. I think that in my chest, a small galaxy gravitates for you now…

When I felt in love with you I heard angels singing to me songs of love and I got convinced that the gate to Heaven I will find it in the heart of the one that I love.

When people are mean, I know where I can always flee, only in your arms any storm turns into a sweet swing.



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