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Love letters for him


Sample Love Letter :

You are my…..

You are the man in whose arms I want to spend all nights of my life, you are the one whose breath I want to cool my temple, in whose eyes I want to reveal all of me, to the depth of my being!

You are that wonderful man around which I want to weave my dreams and desires, to dress me with his kisses, to carry me away….to love him my whole life and he to make me the happiest woman giving me every day a wonderful and inestimable “I love you”!

You, the angel who I found among the people if I am not asking you to much give me a glimpses of eternity with you, I promise I wont waste it and you will remember it with pleasure even up there.

I will show you how a look can hold galaxies and a heart can feel everything and maybe we can discover together how far the God went when he created a human being in the image and likeness.

Love me and I will make you happy!



Sample Love Letter :

Give me something….

My love, I can never get where your thoughts are going, but your lips and your arms and your body are always here with me and your wife always wants them and needs them so desperately so don’t forget every once in a while to give me a piece of you, maybe a sweet kiss from your lips, maybe a gentle hug of your arms or perhaps a “ I love you” from your wonderful soul!

Following the footsteps of my dreams I got to you, my love and, I discovered a wonderful fairytale world…

Yes, a world where every day is a celebration of love, where every sorrow it heals with a kiss, where every touch gets you up to even and a word makes your heart vibrating for hours.

Some are convinced that the princes or princesses doesn’t exist but they are bitterly wrong. They are everywhere, you just need to have the power to love enough to recognize them.


Sample Love Letter :

I have chosen you…

We cant chose our parents or children, we accept and love them with all our hearts as we receive them from God, but, my love, I chose you because my heart liked you and I felt that you are what I want and I want to love you a lifetime! I chose you so I can make you happy and to can enjoy your happiness because there is not more courage for a woman than to love a man and a greater realization and more rewarding than to be able to make happy the man she loves. I am a happy woman because I love you…..!

Every woman is a flower which wants to be picked in one day by the man who stopped to admire her beauty and fragrance and will feel he wants her. The happy woman will give him a lifetime of fragrance and beauty, but over time they will fade, she will fade more and more until will get only a shadow of what she once was.

And yet every woman deserves to fade in the loving arms of the one who has enjoyed her fragrance and beauty.

Sample Love Letter :


Love is created to be scattered, yes, scattered as rain all over that surrounds you, as light wherever your look can get, as dreams until the heights where your imagination can fly.

Love is not measured, love doesn’t save, the more you love the more you feel that there is so much love in your life; so, my angel, I will never count debts for how much I have given to you but thank you from the heart that you have gave me the chance to love you, that you let me be your sun and rain, thanks for giving me the blessing to grow and care something so wonderful in my life!

May that life to always offer you the pleasure of living and being loved!


Sample Love Letter :


If life is often an amalgam of questions without answers and meaningless facts I would like to sit beside you in a special way, I wish that when you are watching me to not born in your soul nor questions, nor gestures, just a deep harmony silence, that feeling, which the beliefs can give you, that the one you are watching is part of you, that part to which you shouldn’t agitate to please her because she likes you however you would be, that part who is always with you, not to feel the pains for you but to always can say to you that everything will fine….because I love you …..!


Sample Love Letter :

Love is a flower…

Love is a flower that grows under your caresses and blossoms by the light of your eyes.

Love is that smile which the heart of your beloved can offer you only when you deserve.

Love is my dream and my feelings was born for you…

Love is a fragile word hanging of our lips but which caresses all our happiness and fulfillment of life.

Your look on my lips  is poem from where my heart feeds.

My hand in your palm is the miracle fro which the sun rises.

Your words in my soul are the glitters from  love eyes of God.

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