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Love letters


Love never comes alone, it always gets close to you with two bright eyes which fills your heart with sweet heat and serving you only sweetness.

Also, love always welcomes you with care and affection.

Yes, you came into my life with so many gifts, your love it wakes me up in every morning and urges me to live life to the fullest making every day so special and still your love calls me every night in your arms nest away from the world where I forget about all worries and fall asleep with a drooping heart of happiness so I can wake up again near you.


From time to time you ask me why I chose you? What is so special about you? Well, the reason is simple. I chose you because you are YOU!!! I have never had anyone treat me the way you do. I have never had anyone just look at me and make me feel beautiful. You do that to me! You make me feel special and wanted. As liberal as I can be, I would never do anything to hurt you. You mean more to me than you realize. I am hoping that one day I can prove all of this to you! I want you for you!

Love Always,



Dearest love,

From the moment I met you, I knew you were someone special. I knew by the way you looked at me, talked to me and was there for me. I was afraid to love again… afraid of the pain it might bring. But in a short time, you showed me that real love wasn’t painful or deceiving. You showed me that I deserved to be loved and happy. You gave new meaning to my life and I could never thank you enough for that! You truly are a Godsend to me!

So, for all you’ve done for me, I promise to always be here for you, to cherish you and to love you whole-heartedly. I promise to be a loyal and loving wife for all the rest of my days. I promise to love you always!!
We live together & never apart for a single moment in life. It’s my commitment to my destiny that beyond eternity we will be together as one soul.

Love always,

Yours & yours only,




Dreams are the wings of our soul, they can release us even in the darkest world.

In difficult times there was always a dream that lifted me over the hardships of life:

I would look forward with burning eyes full of courage and with my soul full of hope from the mast of my ship, going through a large fire in sunset. I was running to the sun which was drowning to the horizon in a foam fire, behind me the world descend into darkness and yet my face shone lighted by a happiness becoming more intense.

Soon I would banish all sorrow and darkness that it was  surrounding me because I was getting close to a land where nothing like this exist: oh yes, sun knew too well why its hiding there, I was running like a crazy behind it … full of happiness…because I was traveling to you heart.



Love at first sight
Hello! I don¹t know your name, I have been watching you, for a long time and from far away, many tables over.
I can¹t stop looking at you, I think I am enchanted. I would be able to stay here all night, imagining the sound of your voice and the wonderful words that could come out of your beautiful mouth.
Look, I am somewhat shy and I think it is a great invasion to approach somebody so concentrated and lonely, thinking of God knows what.
Anyway, I would like so much to meet you, because your delicate and elegant manners captured me. Do you believe in love at the first sight? I think that is what is happening to me.
I will subtly try to make this note arrive to you. Don¹t get startled, I am a nice guy and you will see that if you give me the opportunity to better know you



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