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New Year Celebrations Pictures before and after Marriage

So, how did your new year celebrations go? Had good time? Parties, friends , music , dance .. New year Parties are one of its own kind. We all hope New year will bring more light, luck and fortune into their lives. What we don’t realize is, just the calendar changes & rest remains the same unless you plan. 

Don’t worry if you did not celebrate well this new year. Read some interesting facts about New Year celebrations. 

For a New Year’s eve, everyone got some fantasies to celebrate.

But only few lucky ones will get them implemented. Most of the times, these lucky ones are those that are single. Reason? That’s because, if you are single, you got friends and most of the times, people are friends with only like minded people. So when you plan something, you get other 10 helping hands to get that implemented. Result – A big New Year Bash. 

Party time New year celebrations
Party time New year celebrations

There are few poor singles, who just spoils their time and days just running behind their Crush’s and Crush sitting in a corner stalking their EX on Social media!

These kind of people are wasting their age and available time with this never ending cycle.

So what must these EX-people doing? Any guesses??  If they got guts & brains to leave such boring people behind, then yes, they must definitely be chilling out on this New year . Any questions !?

Party time New year celebrations
Party time New year celebrations

Another set of people. These are recently married couples. Be it arranged or love marriage. Excitement would have already been settled if it crosses 3 months of married life. So this couple sits starring at each other at few blinks and then changing the starring to the TV set and then to the window and then back. These are almost at a stage where confusion is about to clear and settled down to next level.

Whose next? Yeah Married couple with kids. Don’t bother about them. They already lost to new life in their hands now.


New Year Celebrations Pictures before and after Marriage
New Year Celebrations Pictures before and after Marriage


Did you see those distant fireworks in the sky? Any guesses who must it be?
Any one we know or heard of is either watching the fire works from their home or from a pub. This includes any of that not so famous celebrities as well who rock the new year celebrations in their movies. 
So, who must be actually bursting those fireworks in the distant far !!
Those teenagers? Who are living far from the reality?


And then here comes the browsers, who sits stalking all of their friends social media profiles to see if anyone got any exciting life than their’s 🙂 

So who are you Reader ! Please seed below for more humorous articles.

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