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Open your eyes , not your heart all time!!

To live happily ever after, never fall in love.


To see the truth, you have to step outside of your shoes and watch. You can see the facts.


If your lover asks for privacy, something is definitely fishy. Trust me!!


Many enjoying flirting rather than being in love.



Last Bencher’s lover is never from last bench.


Life is short. Don’t cut it even more shorter by crying for someone who is making most of it.



Destiny always hints you about your future. But we see only what we want to see and always looses later.



If you can’t love your parents, so are your next generation. Life just goes round and round.



All single ladies reading this, you don’t know how happy and lucky you are. Need a proof? Go talk to your friend’s man, you will see what your friend can’t foresee.



Life is all about taking chances and changes, then why involve the “blood pumping machine”  every time!!



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