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Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes



  • sad love life quotes :
    At some point you will have to understand that, that special someone can stay in your heart forever but not in your life.




  • quotes about sad love life  :
    “I just wish you look, think, and feel  the same way about me as i do…”


sad quotes life love
sad quotes life love


  • sad quotes about life and love :
    “If you fall,I’ll pick you up,and if I can’t, I’ll lay down right beside you.”




  • sad quotes on life and love :
    I keep myself busy with the things i do . But everytime i pause your thoughts flash right in front of me.




  • sad quotes life love :
    “I just want you to look at me with something other than disgust”.


sad love quotes


  • life sad quotes :
    “Sometimes when you love someone and want to leave them for any reasons, you must find a way to keep them happy without you”.




  • sad quotes of life :
    “love is like a shadow seen by me but never felt by me until today”



sad quotes life love
sad quotes life love


  • sad life quote :
    You broke my heart into pieces. But every piece of it still loves you madly.
  • quotes on sad life :
    Oh i forgot! I am sorry! I only exist only when you need something.



sad quotes life love
sad quotes life love


  • sad life quotes :
    Sometime its better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you then.



  • sad quotes about life :
    I feel like i am waiting for something i would never happen.


  • sad quotes about life and love :
    I am not afraid to fall in love. But i am afraid that i will fall for the wrong person again 🙁




  • sad quotes on life :
    I don’t think you will every understand the pain you left me with.



  • sad life quote :
    YES! I am sick of Crying and Trying. I keep smiling but inside i am still dying.



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