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Sad love stories

It will be not wrong if we say that the other name of life is emotion because we have feelings and emotion for everything happens in our life. The poet has said that “Life is the bath of emotion” and i agree with him because if there is no emotion in life you probably do not have any motive to live. Just take a look around, the motions are everywhere, when you got a job, or fail in exam, when you fall in love with someone or your loved once leave you for someone else. Each and every second of life has its own emotion. It could be sad, funny, lovely or romantic, but it should “be” in any shape in our lives.

true love stories
true love stories

Did you get emotional when you read a book with full of love stories? the romantic scenes from the romantic love story will makes you fall in love with someone or atleast you will wish to have one to love within same way like its describe in love stories. What about sad love stories? Do you like to read them? Do sad love stories make you sad just like romantic love sorties make you romantic? Defiantly in case of sad love stories the answers would be different. Most of people do not like to read sad love stories and want to see happy ending while some people read sad love stories to get motivation and lesson to learn and apply in their love life before it’s become sad.

sad true love story
sad true love story

Remembered that book, movies, TV serial or even a well written sentence leave its identity in our lives. Sometime it’s for whole life and sometime its temporary. I am sure you will be remembered that how much you cry when you were watching a movie based on sad love story, or did not you get orgasm while watching porn? This is how emotions work. Don’t be shy or feel nervous if you cry on sad love stories, or laugh on funny movies etc because this is how we are born. Whenever we talk about love, why did famous Romeo and Juliet come into our mind? Because their stories has leave their identity in our brains.

sad but true love story
sad but true love story

It is a truth that we become more emotional and sensitive through sad love stories because it is the part f human nature to get attractive with someone which is emotionally painful.

Benefits of reading sad love stories:

I know the heading is bit “stupid” and this could be sound stupid that sad love stories can benefits in your love story, how? Let’s take a look below:

Improve judgments:

Sad stories improve your judgments regarding to love your boyfriend or girlfriend because most of love stories. Do, you know majority of relationship breaks due to bad judgments. When you read the sad love stories you got the idea of better judgment.

Motivation level:

Sad love stories have sad moments, sad emotions and sad quotes, which improve the motivation level. When you read the pain of lovers in sad love stories you realize how small your pain is, which motivate you to stand stronger.


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