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Sadness Of Love

Sadness Of Love
Sadness Of love

Just click any web page that speaks of unhappiness of real love. You will get wet eyes after a while. The quotations of some individuals about the unhappiness they encounter after dropping really love are very heart breaking. Why should really love carry so much sadness? When a beloved leaves us for some one else, why do most of us encounter heart break? For many of us it is an world trembling encounter. What was genuine satisfaction becomes overall discomfort that is intolerable.

Why does loosing love carry so much sadness? A fan whines her/his eye dry with unhappiness, but the unhappiness does not go away. The more one tries to prevent considering the missing really like, the more remembrances come returning. Everyone finds out that you are distributed  for something, every street where you stepped together, with every occurrence you get distributed, they all become strong injuries that can never be cured. They take away the substance of life from within. They keep one missing permanently in unhappiness with a solitude that will not go away.

What do the individuals who leave their love think after leaving?

I have no idea to that. But I know one reality. Such brutes try to rationalize their activity often. This is their way of informing their own moral sense that what they did was appropriate. Though they rationalize often, I wonder if they ever are pleased with their own explanations? One benefits such individuals who keep a lifestyle sad is – They leave after providing so much discomfort that the one who is remaining has no wish or power to go returning to them and ask- Why? To fulfill one’s missing really love again may become very terrifying because of the discomfort given before. One may start sweating at the very believed.

After understanding about this unhappiness, I can only say that one seems that loss of life is better than to stay with such unhappiness. Life becomes difficult. As there is no way to penalize the brutes who keep a lifestyle destroyed, the only prayer one can create is – God, please let her/him know about what she/he did. Please ask her/him to feel sorry and come returning.


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