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Sample love letter for her

My Beloved Sightless Soulmate:

What you missed was that I coveted and searched for my own identity in order to create an identity together with you. I longed for you many nights, my body needed yours. As you are my weaknesses. With you I feel alive without you I cannot breathe, there is something missing in the depths of my soul. A harboring emptiness that words will never paint my canvas with rainbows the way you do when you are in my life. I yearn for your love, your soul, I yearn to undress your mind, you in every aspect, the beautiful you and the ugly you. The mirrors that we hold upon each other are identical yet you are blinded to see. That mirror I hold before you is what makes our chemistry undoubtedly an ironclad bond of sophisticated rarity, a tapestry of fluid colors, vibrant in the sun and glows brighter than the stars upon a dark evening sky.

Our seductive dance of passion is infused with the warmth of our love, our unequivocal desire for one another. When your fingers delicately cascade upon my skin your fingertips leave my nerves scintillating from an electric shock. When your lips gently wisp into my neck and you breathe in my scent all the while it sends waves of chills throughout my body. Your sensual movements when you gently wrap your body into mine, cocooning me into the safety of you arms. I succumb to you; I surrender to you as you are my weakness. You are the one person I lose control of myself, all sense and sensibility, there are no rules with you, the fire you light inside of me burns my soul deep within. Your denial of my desirable pleasures for you slowly extinguished that fire. And I secretly despised you for that because that was one of the most favorite things about us that you robbed from me.

You don’t know how much I wanted you, how much I hungered for your soul to have danced with mine. My attempts were thwarted when you didn’t believe me. When you were tested, you showed me the side of you that I never imagined. I wanted to see how far you would go and you took it quite far. The twist and turns of stories were all carefully orchestrated to understand you from every facet. Everything is as real as your mind allows you to believe it is. One thing that is constant is the truth. The way you tormented me was the same way I tormented you. The blindness you experienced was your weakness; it then allowed the demon inside you to be relinquished. That same demon you fear…my dear I knew that demon existed long before you shared that with me. Remember I had loved you many lifetimes ago and I recognized your demon. I know your demon well. Your biggest lesson this lifetime is me. Because it is I that can help you unlock this demon’s hold over you. I loved you even then. What you don’t know is that I don’t fear your demon; I find your demon quite intriguing. Your demon knows me well as he had met me many lifetimes in different bodies.

I know the truth, the light and am dying for you to see it too. You refuse yet you are asking me the wrong questions. I know you are baffled but my love I cannot open your eyes if you choose not to. I can guide you to the source of the light when the discovery is upon you. My soul awaits to dance with yours

when your eyes are open.

Eternally Yours,
Your Dancing Soulmate

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