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Sample love letter for him

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Sample love letter for boyfriend

Love me….

You can hear my voice, but can you hear my heart?
You understand my words, but can you sense my feelings?
You hold me in your arms, but can you cover my soul?
You make love to me, but have you entrusted me your heart?

When you live, you can cross a world step by step but when you love you contain moments in universes, you born galaxies in your heart and you crush them on the lips in kisses that dumbfound in the course of time, so love… please understand why I’m asking you so much.

I do not want a careless body, I don’t want a wandering mind, I want next to me a sky of pure emotions and feelings that can grow only smiles and roses.

It’s not difficult to love, you just have to have the courage to let yourself conquered and have the power to give that much.

Sample love letter for boyfriend

I fall in love every morning…..

I fall in love with you every morning and in every spoil and gesture of yours I find a thousand reasons to be happy. I get lost into your eyes just like a butterfly on an endless plain full with flowers and I find myself in your gestures and talks because you are the half of my heart and soul.

Am I that beautiful as your love and misses show me? What could make you so happy around me? Or you’re just like me: the more I love you, your love grows in the same way. If it’s like that, then I wonder where we will stop. In paradise?

You offered me so many lovely moments, you gave me so many priceless treasures, you’ve sacrificed so much for my happiness and most of all, I think that you love me more than I will ever deserve. You made me understand how beautiful love can be, that gives everything without asking anything in return. You are such a special and wonderful husband and I will always adore you just the way you deserve.

It’s a pleasure to love you, it’s a burning will to see you happy beyond words and gestures I feel the fire of love in your eyes burning slightly into my soul, that fire around which my thoughts and emotions dances wild and enthusiastic the fire of love.


Sample love letter for him


Love does not comes alone……

Love never comes alone, it always gets close to you with two bright eyes which fills your heart with sweet heat and serving you only sweetness.

Also, love always welcomes you with care and affection.

Yes, you came into my life with so many gifts, your love it wakes me up in every morning and urges me to live life to the fullest making every day so special and still your love calls me every night in your arms nest away from the world where I forget about all worries and fall asleep with a drooping heart of happiness so I can wake up again near you.


Sample love letter for boyfriend or husband


You are special…….

So many times your lips brought peace and quiet in my heart broken by storms, so many times your eyes lit my soul, so many times you have melted my heart as a flake of love came from angels.

Never forget how special you are to me and don’t hesitate any second when a special moment gives you the opportunity to put on my lips the delicious seal of your love.

No matter how big the storm is, in your arms is always a peace of heaven, no matter how scary the thunders and lightings are, the echo of your kiss it covers all. I lose myself for a second in your eyes and all the difficult part of the day fade as the traces in the sand on a beach, because you have in your eyes a eternal and charming love torn from the heights of heaven and all this fleeting world is nothing compared to you.



Sample love letter for boyfriend


Love makes us perfect………

Love is perfect, love is the only thing that doesn’t require too much thinking. Maybe when you are watching me you’re thinking: does she likes me, is she happy with me, does she likes the way I am, does she likes when im doing that, what will happen if I change the way I am…My love! When you are watching me a single thought must float in your mind: I love her! I love her! I love her!….I love her!…

I don’t want you to be like this, to do like that, to think like this…I don’t need anything else than to love me with all your heart and I will be the happiest woman on this earth.

Just so you know that people who are loved and love are perfect either way and you my love, you are the most loved man on the earth!

Don’t do anything, don’t say anything, just look at me…I am the happiest woman when im near the one that when his watching me a single thought starts to float in his mind…



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