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Sample love letters for him

Sample love letters for him

Love of my life…

That’s how I got you, as a gift from God, and especially great beyond words can express, and everything like this book, your image and name filled my heart and made ??her more beautiful than ever. Some people pray to angels to watch them, my angel came down from heaven for me and stays by my side, I can reach him, he’s telling me “I love you”, he makes love to me… He gave me often wonderful gifts thought that only I deserve something and I want to tell you that I deserve much more, I deserve the stars in your eyes … and the elixir of eternal happiness of your lips.

These are the extraordinary gifts that a woman like me deserves and I know that only you love, are able to give them to me. I think you know what would my life be without you, I think you understand how this body and this heart have been given to you once and you have nowhere to return them because the one that you gave them away no longer exists, the one that you made ??this gift is now your soulmate, and if you leave it would fade like a rose ripped from his garden.

Love me and I will make you happy my angel, give me every day the wonderful gifts that can be bestowed only from you, because I’ve prepared as many special surprises as possible for you… Your rose thirst for love …….


My loved husband…

One hundred lives, a thousand men I would always choose you, my wonderful
husband and nothing in this world could make me give up on you. You are my very best dream come true and from this kind of dream I brought you a special gift. This
book full of love is a piece of my heart and I hope you will keep it the rest of your life in a special place in your library and in a special place of your heart.

The hottest desire and the goal of my life is to build a beautiful relationship together, to love each other with all our heart, to be honest without embarrassment, to quarrel without the slightest concern that we can’t forgive each other, to be the half missing of us that fulfills you and makes you happy in the most simple and natural way, just staying around you, listening to you and whispering from time to time “I love you.”

You know it’s not that difficult to make a woman happy at all, her body only needs caresses, kisses and love and her heart needs to be heard and protected because it is a sensitive and delicate heart. (Isn’t that the fact why you find me so charming?).

So, my dear husband, I give this special gift, a piece of my heart, to feel what is in it and to understand what you must give, to make it happy.



Memories are forgotten but they don’t get lost or forgotten from where nothing can be deleted or erased… from the heart.

I want to leave behind the unforgettable story, but would I want you to like watching behind?

“Carpe Diem” (Live the moment!”), our love happens only now, we can not bring it back from the past, we can not oblige to enlighten our future, we can only see it in our looks and feel it in the kisses, and no past memories will ever include and not even in dreams someone could really imagine it, from one end to another of the universe if you look for it, you will not find it nowhere else but in the reflection of my eyes …

We can not leave behind memorable stories, time can delete anything, only love remains forever, unforgettable, incomprehensible, special and charming as the one who calls it and gives  me!


True love….

You don’t get true love from someone, but it must be a radiance insideof you, a special shine of your eyes that attracts my soul as a butterfly is attracted at night by light, sparks of happiness that I admire at the New Year Eve fireworks, a thousand times more beautiful, a thousand times more important and full of joy for my heart!

True love erupts from the depths of you when your mind breaks the fulfillment colded crust that envelops ego, sets you free and you give’s you the courage to jump into the void of life and float over present moments with wings of hope, it reveals that you can not live in darkness because you are the light!

Love, my dear, do not ask it from me, at me you only find the signs that it burns inside of you …



Happiness is a lively smile hanging of a sparks of a look, a kiss to sweet tangled thru rebel strands, a piece of leather soaked in shivers of a sensual touch, “I love you” as a whisper sent over your heart to warm your dreaming sleep…

Happiness has many ways of being and many meanings, but it stands well next to you, for when you rise around seems that the whole world is nothing but a story started for us two, it seems that the world is a swing for my heart, a swing that your arms is pushing…

Kiss me and let my soul enter into your life, to be loved and be so happy so that after us to remain written in the stars: “Once upon a time there were a boy and a girl…”

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