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Should I propose on this Valentines day

Should I propose on this Valentines day?

Everybody loves 😍this day. All of us would have celebrated this day at least few times in our  life time. They say it is tough to make friends after the age of 30 but the good side of this age is, you have now attained a capacity to analyse whom to date and where to spend your time qualitatively.

Handle things maturely. You are better off without Drama.

So, if you are above 30 and have got someone in your mind to propose to, you need not delay, you can at least get them to a date, which would just give them some hints on what are you up-to and without saying anything, you actually are holding that person now. Isn’t it cool. 😎


Guys, if you are not above 30, you still can use this option. If you are skeptical to say it out to them, just book all of their day with you out, so that you can at least make sure they are not having some options in mind while you are leaving good hints to them that they are the most prospective person you are looking at.

If you want to Propose or waiting from so long to hear this.

For Guys:
Just calling your friend/date out for dinner will keep them excited and happy through out the day and if they stick with you around all the day and are happy, then (go on your knees and) say it out, because the answer is a clear YES and you both are very well aware of it by now.


For Girls:
If your guy just made you to be with him all the day, and did not say anything even at the end of the day, it is either he is very shy to express it out or, he is just holding you as an option. Either of the ways, this guy is not the right person so girls, let it go. Cry , wipe, hit a saloon massage and move on.


If you want to escape the Proposal

For Guys & Girls, have a big fight on whatever topic you can, and switch off the contact for couple of days. Doing this you brought a good possibility to skip this day and the pain of saying NO.

Good things do not come easily and they do not stay long. Bad things are always an addiction and you cannot get rid off them easily!!good-love-quotes-1

Try not to fall for the appearance as it keeps changing and so is your taste. Look for the right chemistry and attitude, because these stay longer than looks and you will find the time spent worth it.

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