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The day I fell in love

When I was 25 I fell in love..
I met this girl from facebook, she’s a friend of a friend of mine, she added me on fb, back when I never would’ve realized that she would be the girl I fell in love with.. we were young and random, and emailing one another back and forth for a month or so. She was 21 turning 22 at the time we emailed. We emailed about forming a rock band together, traveling plans, what we wanted to do in the future, we had all these plans and stories we shared to one another over the course of a month or so and we had never even met at the time.. we just clicked. I still remember trying to come up with an excuse to see her, as you see her father is a carpenter, he makes beautiful picture frames, and at the time I was into photography, so I decided to make up an excuse to get my picture framed with her. We met, it was the most magical thing I had/have ever experienced even until now.. she was so beautiful that night and I was a complete mess with my work clothes, but still I tried my best to impress.. as the night progressed, we went to a little dance club with her friends.. and I whispered in her ears on the first day I have met her that I would take care of her and be there for her as long as I could..



From that moment on until the first month-verssary, we never missed a day of seeing one another.. I loved her so much from the very first day and I always wanted to see her.. I remembered our first kiss, it was by the poolside, I slowly kissed her forehead, not knowing it was her favorite place to be kissed, and gently kissed her supple lips.. I was all nervous inside and I was so happy she kissed me back.. being with her was the happiest day of my life.. she made me so happy so alive and so special… She was and always will be the girl I always wanted to see..



And now five years later she just married to someone who wasn’t me..
Now I’m living a regret for not being able to fulfill the promise I had made that first night.. I miss her so much.. and I still love her..
If you ever find someone like that.. don’t waste her love for you.. marry her before someone else does… 🙂





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