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Top mobile signs that your lover is cheating on you

Love is very important in everybody’s life. People give themselves completely when they fall in love. Some make huge sacrifices for their love.

It hurts terribly when your love cheats on you. It would be very good for you if you could catch your lover cheating on you at a very initial stage rather than getting surprised in the end.

Below are some tips which would help you in finding out if you’re getting Cheated.

Mobile is the easiest tool that would help you in chasing the truth.

  • One of the most common things people do when they are in love is exchanging passwords. When your partners password has been changed then that’s a catch. Most importantly passwords of their mobile phone and social networking sites login.Please do not panic, we will tell you his to deal with this. This is a very initial stage.If you don’t fall under those who exchanged their passwords initially then this doesn’t apply for you.
  • If you find your partner always texting on the phone frequently which appears unusual and which is not like this before, then certainly YES, they are finding some one who is interesting.This can be wrong sign only when you have access to the messages he is texting. Or else be careful, that’s a big sign. The process just started, cut it off!!
  • Some smart assess save the name of their secret lover in the phone in the form of some unusual name or as a alias name of a known friend or in a way that you can get fooled.Under these cases do not get fooled at the first look of the name on the phone, bother to check on that number calling from a different phone, not your phone.
  • Dual sim: Check if they are using a dual sim phone without your knowledge. You need not have access to password for this, all you need is find some good time and open it up and see how many sim cards is he using.
  • If your partner’s phone is always busy and he claims that he is on some important business meeting or says any bull shit reasons, then do not panic.Talk sweetly, arrange some meeting on the same day or very next day, find some private time with their phone, and check for the number he was on call when you found it was busy.Make a note of it and investigate after some time and not immediately. This is important, do not either call immediately or from your cell number.If you do any silly mistake here you will be caught red handedly. So pay attention and play easy.


Be careful while you are doing any of these tests.

If your partner is genuine then you would end up losing their trust on you! So please read carefully and attempt these tests with utmost carefulness.

You are solely responsible if you are using any of these tricks.

If you have more tricks please share them here and help others in avoiding heart breaks.

Love you guys. Will be back with more and more interesting facts.

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