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What is love

Can someone tell me in one simple sentence “what is love ?”
Nope! You cannot.
Love is more easily experienced than defined.

LOVE = ZERO Expectations.

Yes, you are reading it right. Love exists only where the expectations are Set to Zero.  Love is unconditional.

Love cannot be bought or sold.

There is nothing Love cannot face. Love is life’s greatest blessing.

When you have a heart break, do not break down. Just understand and be relieved that you still have one more chance to find some one who can actually LOVE you, rather than break up with you due to whatever reasons.

what is love

Love is what a mother shows to her kids when they are still young. Forgiving their mistakes, tolerating their blunders and bearing with them till they understand to get a hold on themselves.
Did you find this love from your boy friend or girl friend whom you thought you are in love with! Or are you doing the same to them?? IF not, dude  you are not in love, you are just in a possible compromising comfort zone.

Have you ever wondered what would have made mother Teresa love orphans and still be contended? Keeping Religious faith apart for a moment, it is where She has found complete satisfaction.

Giving is beautiful than taking. Start loving first with ZERO expectations and lets see if you will be lucky enough to receive the same. If not, you would be the most happier one in the relationship as you would expereince the bliss of happiness in giving Love with complete dedication.
Love is all of the above.

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