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Woman having an affair with boy friend. Her kid does amazing things

A woman is having extra marital affair. Her boy friend used to visit her when her husband is not at home. 
One day when they are together, wife hears a knock on her door. She sends the boy friend out through the back door and then opens the main door to let her husband in.
In the Garden, the kid stops him and asks tells him that its too cold out there. 
The boy friend says yes, little afraid that the boys knows it all.
The kid then asks, if he would like to buy the cricket ball and shows him the cricket ball. 
Boy friend says, not interested and is about to leave. 
Then the kid stops him and asks, there is his dad inside and if he would like to meet his dad. 
Boy friend then understands, and asks the price of the ball. He says $250. Boy friend buys it and leaves from there. 
Next day again, the boy friend have to run away due to unexpected visit of his girls friend’s husband. He hurriedly runs through the back door and is again stopped by the kid. The kid again starts, its very Cold out here. 
The boy friend says yes, guessing whats next. The kid shows him a old broken bat and asks him if he wants to buy.
Without a second thought, the boy friends asks the price. Kid says , its $750. He buys the bat and leaves from there. 
Next day, the dad asks the kid to get his bat and ball . to go out and start playing. 
The kid says, he no longer has those stuff and he sold them to his friend. Surprised Dad asks the price he sold them for. 
Kid says, £1000. Dad feels very sorry and explains the kid that its not good to over sell the items like that to his friends. 
He wants a change in his Kids mind set and so he takes him to a church and asks him to confess it there. 
The kid kneels down near the father and starts saying, its very cold in here. 
The irritated father quickly says, common don’t start all that crap again!

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